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We develop the technologies that make our citiesĀ Faster, Smarter, and More Efficient.

What is a Smart City?

Modern smart cities are the future of humanitarian innovation. On the cutting edge of emerging trends such as automation, smart sensors, and internet of things (IoT), smart cities solve urban problems, expand efficiency, foster sustainability, ensure public safety, and improve lives. Smart cities always put their citizens first.
At the forefront of the smart city revolution, Milandr, Inc. is spearheading the innovation behind the tools that make smart cities tick. Through groundbreaking technologies, smart solutions, and integrated communication systems, Milandr, Inc. shapes the smart cities of tomorrow.


Percent of World Energy Consumption from Cities


Amount of connected IoT Devices By 2020


Smart Meters Deployed in the US by 2020


percent of cars that will come with built-in IoT connectivity in 2020

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